June 12, 2009


Aren't these cupcakes simply adorable? The little green caterpillars make me smile.

Have a wonderful weekend!
See you next week.

xo, Kristin

(Enchanted Garden Cupcakes by Hello Naomi on Flickr)


Ann said...

Almost too yummy to eat...almost. ;)

Susan said...

I am so with you - a caterpillar on a cupcake, pure heaven!


Thao said...

So cute! I'm a sucker for anything polka-dot... and combine that with cupcakes... :)

Gaia said...

I'm so in love with cupcakes...i've just bought 3 books to learn on how to make it!
nice blog...would you like to come to my Wonderland? Feel free to come, stay and go everytime you want!

Tera said...

i may be attempting to do these. :)

Kristin said...

Tera - if you do, you've gotta take a picture and share! I'm sure they'll turn out awesome!