June 23, 2009

decorating: nursery

Hallelujah, I found our cribs!

You wouldn't believe how hard it is to pick out a darn crib (something that I have to keep reminding myself will only be used for about 3 years) when you actually have to find two! And then to be sure that said crib fits the bill aesthetically but also gets good reviews and safety ratings.

The babies will be sharing the nursery for the first few years (or until we move into a new house), and so I really wanted something that was simple, modern and could work in a bunch of different room configurations.

I think this is perfect.

(Parklane Crib by BabyMod)

Hooray, something to cross off the list!


Dionne said...

I love this crib! It's beautiful! I totally agree that this would be a perfect choice. Now I want kids so I can get one of these, hahaha.

Rachel said...

That is ADORABLE! Great find!

karey m. said...

substantial, clean lines, fresh white...perfect!

i always remember the girlies' nurseries being the calmest, coolest, most restful places in our homes...

i'm very. very geeked up for you two! xoxo.

Kristin said...

Karey -- you're so sweet. ;) When will you join us back in the blogging world? Or am I not in the know and are you already back??

Hope all is well!!
xo, Kristin

Joanna Goddard said...

cute and lovely!