June 1, 2009

book club: recycled home

by Mark & Sally Bailey.

I've already added Recycled Home to my wishlist, but I think I might have to get this one sooner rather than later. Page after page is full of inspiration on how to incorporate old objects into a modern home. It's about reusing "bits and pieces... giving them a new lease on life."

Drool worthy, if you ask me.

I first heard about this book at Oh, Mishka. Thanks, Michelle, for always inspiring!

Purchase a copy here.


Dionne said...

That crate shelf is AMAZING! I LOVE it!

Michelle said...

Seriously! I'd love to have shelves like that!

Kelly said...

WOW. Such great pictures!

and your blog is adorable!

mary said...

I have this book and I really love it!