August 6, 2008

design inspiration: coastal living

Sitting in the doctor's waiting room this morning, I started paging through a copy of Coastal Living and was so smitten by the photos, I just had to go online for more. I was instantly enamored when I saw this:

What can I say? You know I love the nearly all white palette and cannot resist the pared-down look of this casual cottage getaway. The architecture boasts clean lines, and the d├ęcor is informal – a mix of flea market and antiques store finds.

I imagine how cool the salt-bleached pine floors would feel beneath your feet and how the ceiling fan overhead would softly whir day and night. We’d all plop down on the comfortable slipcovered sofa after a long day of playing on the beach and use the huge coffee table to set up board games or to nosh on snacks. The antique pine wardrobe would be filled with blankets for cuddling up after the sun goes down.

It’s about living simply. Making your home a cozy and peaceful retreat.

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shi(f)t said...

sounds perfect! sign me up:)