May 13, 2008


It seems that most people don't think much of Tuesdays. Mondays are manic {as pointed out by my 80's faves, The Bangles}, Wednesdays are hump days, Fridays are all about par-taying, and the weekend days are what we all look forward to. But Tuesdays... nada. Nothing significant. It's just that day that separates Monday from Wednesday. On the totem pole, it's at the bottom.

Except for me because on Tuesdays I get to go to my fabulous yoga class with Niccola. She's an amazing instructor who has taken me further in my yoga practice than I would have ever thought possible. She pushes hard but also encourages trying new, tricky poses like arm balances and headstands. Every class is exhilirating and no matter how tired I may be going into it, I feel nothing but refreshed afterward. Know what else is fun about practicing yoga? All the cute clothes... like these lovelies from LuluLemon Athletica {which Niccola happens to be an ambassador for!}:


karey m. said...

ooh! i've been looking for new yoga clothes to wear when i'm not doing yoga!

Kristin said...

Aren't they the best?

Anonymous said...
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