May 7, 2008

design inspiration

When I spied this photo at Marie Claire Maison, I was riveted to it, absorbing each and every detail. It’s simple, I know, but there is something so wonderfully handsome about this setting.

Cool, muted tones – a worn chest of drawers in cloudy blue, walls in muddy gray – are soothing and tranquil. And the collection of unique objects – a gleaming Venetian mirror, a shabby wooden bird cage, an oil painting leaning on a chair – are so very interesting and full of character. The vase of fresh flowers adds a dollop of color.

You wouldn’t think that these objects would make sense together if you separated them, but actually the opposite is true. They are working quite beautifully together, each quirky piece fitting in with the next.

File this under 'Dreamy Vignette'!

(photo from Marie Claire Maison)


karey m. said...

where are you, my chicago girl?

Kristin said...

Karey - that made my day... seriously, you have no idea.