May 30, 2008

how does your garden grow?

So, I took my first stab at container gardening last weekend, and even though I didn't have a clue as to what I was doing and am now just crossing my fingers and toes that everything I planted stays alive, I've gotta say that I found myself really enjoying the process. From picking each little bloom at the nursery {and translating those care cards} to watering our newly planted creations, I was just so content spending the afternoon digging in the dirt. I didn't even mind the several trips to Target for more soil (I really underestimated the sizes of our planters!)

Now all I've gotta do is keep Lulu away since she loves nothing more than to eat plants and bite the blooms off flowers. Oh yeah - and my mom bought us the Topsy Turvy, which we have been chomping at the bit since December to use. We should pick up some tomato plants this weekend to give this wacky thing a try.

For gardening in style, try these: Sun hat and garden gloves from Hable Construction, Recycled watering can from Patina, and Galvanized planters from CB2. (I have three and love them! They're super lightweight and very modern. The only thing we had to do was drill some drain holes in the bottom of each.)

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