May 16, 2008

friday favorites

A few things from my favorites folder that I wanted to share with you today. No theme... just things I've been loving and am especially drawn to on this sunny day.

Ripple Lamp (Modern Dose) Add a pop of color and a modern look with this bright yellow ripple-textured glass lamp. The tapered transparent base is topped with a simple ivory shade. Hello yellow! $225.00

Ditte Slipcover Sofa (Anthropologie) I love the union of the sleek modern lines with a busy pattern of feathery fronds. And I've always been a fan of round bolsters. $3498

Indelible Nature Trays (Violet) Three maple trays ideal for cocktail party hors d'ouvres or to hold a hot dish at dinner. I think each botanical design is beautiful and the different shapes and sizes of the trays make a stunning trio. $38
Slipper Chairs (Assemblage) If only I had $4100 to spare {and a place to put them!}, I'd snap up this pair of vintage 1950's cane backed and walnut slipper chairs in a heartbeat. With ecru upholstered seats, the chairs are sleek and modern. I'm imagining a square kidney pillow made from vintage textiles - like kuba cloth - to top each seat.

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shi(f)t said...

that anthro sofa is deeeevine!