May 25, 2011

raspberry brownies

My parents spent last weekend at our house. It had been a pretty long time since they visited, and so I wanted to mark the occasion with a special treat. And since I come from a long line of sweet-tooths, I knew it had to be really, really good.

While I was weeding through my recipes, I kept coming back to these Raspberry Brownies. The recipe looked simple enough (kind of a necessity now that twins are underfoot!), and I'm such a sucker for the combo of rich chocolate and tart berries. So the decision was made, I mixed up the batter, sprinkled some fresh berries on top, popped them in the oven, waited - very impatiently - for the timer to ring while the smell of dark chocolate filled our entire house, and then proudly brought them to the table once our dinner plates were empty.

Oh. my. gosh. Let me tell you about these brownies. In a word, perfection. Rich, chewy, dark chocolate. Not too sweet. And with little bites of fresh raspberry flecked throughout...

Needless to say, they were a hit. ;)

PS - the only thing that can possibly make these better is a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. Of course I speak from experience.

(Recipe from Sweet Paul Magazine.)


Meg said...

YUM! my parents are visiting in a few weeks and we're making them a fancy dinner before they take us to see billy elliot. i think these would be perfect for dessert!! thanks for the recipe, and the link to such a fantastic looking magazine!

Elsa May said...

These look and sound delicious - perfect for having a dessert this weekend. Thanks for the recipe!