April 8, 2010

what's cooking: last week's menu

It was a good week...

Monday - Arugula & Tomato Pizza
Tuesday - White Bean & Rosemary Bruschetta
Wednesday - Parmesan Trofie* with Chicken & Rosemary
Thursday - Spinach Salad with Strawberries & Toasted Almonds and Chicken Sausage Sandwiches on Toasted Ciabatta
Friday - Black Bean Burgers** with Provolone and Roasted Corn

I liked them all. No favorite this week.

Some pics:

(bruschetta and trofie)

*If you haven't heard of trofie, it's one of my most favorite pastas. I first had it when we were in Italy for our honeymoon, up on the northern Ligurian Coast. It's a hand-rolled pasta that's cut about 2-3 inches long. They kind of look like little worms, actually. It's best topped with fresh basil pesto. I've never seen trofie in the supermarket, but it is in a few gourmet shops here in Chicago. I'm sure you could buy it online as well. Mmm... now I'm daydreaming of Italy.

**I've been a big fan of frozen veggie burgers, but wow! now that
Mark Bittman has shown me the way with homemade burgers, I don't think I'll need to go back to the frozen kind again. You should try these -- they're delish! From his "How to Cook Everything" book. If you don't have it, run out and get yourself a copy. It's wonderful. Really.


Jen said...

I actually own that cookbook! My parents gave it to me for Christmas. I'm not overly impressed with it mostly because the recipes aren't really grouped into meals. I need help with my planning as well as my cooking! LOL

All of these look so yummy. Definitely going to have to try them.

mulberry and marie said...

What do you use for the pizza dough? Do you make it yourself or buy it? I always want to make my own pizza, but I'm a little intimidated by it!
Everything else sounds wonderful! Don't be surprised if you hear a knock at the door during dinner next week:)

Kristin said...

Hi Megan -- we do both homemade dough and just the premade dough from Trader Joe's. The TJ kind tastes delish and comes in regular and whole wheat. We also use a homemade recipe from one of our Williams-Sonoma cookbooks. You can also go to a local pizzeria (we've gone to D'Agostino's) and get dough from them. Most pizza places have dough you can purchase.

I'd love for you to come by for dinner any time!!! ;)

Analiese Marie said...

Yum - sounds delish!

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. :-)

Meg said...

just came across your blog via curls & coffee and am loving your weekly menu posts. you make delicious things!!

Nicole Marie said...

that pizza looks delicious!!