April 1, 2010

an idea

Due to the amazingly, unbelievable unseasonably warm weather we've been blessed with today, I have an idea, my Darlings. How about you all play hooky from work this afternoon and instead come on over to my house. We can laze the afternoon away under the bright sunshine.

Flip-flops optional. (but strongly encouraged!)

(Via girlhula on Flickr)

PS - I'll bake you some cookies, too.


Kifus said...

Pity Brazil is a wee bit far away, but it would have been lovely. Flip flops, cookies and all!

Dionne said...

I wish! Sounds lovely!

kate funk said...

What a wonderful idea!!!! Love love love it! Great photo too!

mulberry and marie said...

I'm off tomorrow and I'm planning on spending the entire day outside! Thank goodness for sunshine! ps. I'm dying over the pictures of Henry and Amelia. They're too cute for words!

simplesong said...

what a good idea -- and yay for spring, warm weather + flip flops!