April 2, 2010

tgif + etsy spotlight: auralee dallas

Because I just love flowers.
And I'm most definitely counting down to farmer's market season.

(The Flower Cart by Auralee Dallas.)

Easter is on Sunday. I do hope that you find a basket full of treats when you awake. (I'm counting on mine having LOTS of chocolate.)

Happy weekend, My Lovelies!
xo, Kristin


Dionne said...

Ahhhh - these are lovely. I love flower stands. All those bunches of pretty flowers all clustered together.

Happy Weekend! Have a lovely Easter with your fam!

Meg said...

have a great easter! are you doing an easter egg hunt? that would be adorable :) and i'm with you... i love finding a stand of gorgeous fresh flowers to choose from!

mulberry and marie said...

Happy Easter, Kristin!

Molly Bryn said...

If you ever find yourself in upstate New York during the more pleasant weather months, you should check out the farmer's market in Ithaca. Best I have ever been to!

Happy Easter!