July 7, 2011


A week away from it all...

The kids and I took a trip to my parent's house in Wisconsin last week for a much-needed vacation. A week away in a quiet suburban neighborhood with nothing to do but play outside in the fresh air did wonders for us all. (I don't think my kids have ever slept better - or gotten dirtier!) My biggest concern was to remember to reapply our sunscreen. It was easy, breezy vacation living.

And for the first time in a long time, I can honestly say that I feel rested. Really rested. Since I've become a mom to twins, I've gotten used to feeling at least a little bit tired (if not completely exhausted) much of the time. They wear me out! I guess it's a rite of mommyhood.

So this little break from normal, this little trip away where we didn't have anything to do but enjoy each other's company was everything I could have asked for.

(My daily afternoon naps were pretty nice, too.)

PS - Happy belated Fourth of July! Hope you had a spectacular holiday weekend!

(Image via here).


Mary said...

Sounds perfect!

Meg said...

what a beautiful looking house! it's so nice to get away from it all for even a little while isn't it :)

Kifus said...

Glad you had a nice rest, Kristin. What a gorgeous yellow tree, reminds me of sunny summer days which are so far yet!

Elsa May said...

so pleased you had a lovely, restful time - the yellow tree/blossom is so pretty!

pve design said...

wonderful. i need to go to a place like that with nothing to do but play and gulp fresh air.
...and have a Mom apply sunscreen liberally. :)