July 15, 2011

chicago fave: the doughnut vault

I would like to introduce you to a new favorite place...

(The Doughnut Vault)

I don't know how long this little spot where heaven meets earth has been open, but I've gotta tell you, the doughnuts are so good! And I don't even consider myself a doughnut person. Well, until now at least.

There are only so many delectable doughnuts churned out each day, and so if you get there late you might just be out of luck. It's genius, actually. Tell someone that she might not be able to have something, and of course she's going to want it more! Most mornings you'll see a line of hungry peeps out the door waiting to get their doughnut fix.

Lucky me, The Doughnut Vault just happens to be down the street from my office.

And yes, I am more than willing to get in line...

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!
xo, Kristin


Anonymous said...

Ahhh I have been wanting to try this place so bad, but some how I never make it. I hear there doughnuts are out of this world! have a happy weekend

Kifus said...

Well, if I ever go to Chicago I now know where I can get my doughnut fix!

Hope you are having a happy weekend, Kristin!

Dionne said...

Oh how cool! This is so adorable!

Elsa May said...

YUM - how delicious - the gingerbread stack sounds wonderful. I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Annie x

claire said...

What a cute place! I bet the doughnuts are delish! :)