July 28, 2011

design inspiration - white bath

Probably my favorite thing about a room is when there's a mix of old and new. Pieces that have been well-loved and with a story to tell that are living side-by-side with new pieces that have been thoughtfully selected.

Kind of like this bathroom with its old, chipped bench and sleek glass-walled shower.

I'm going just a little bit gaga over it...

Just a titch.

I wish I could see the rest of the room!

(Image via here.)


Meg said...

mmm amazing bench. i love it's rustic-ness with the highly polished wood floor.

Mary said...

Love this bathroom!

And yes - the folk festival was in the very same Newport, RI! Actually, I am pretty sure the Jazz Festival is being held there this weekend. It may not be your thing, but it may mean you should make reservations for dinner! I hope you have a wonderful time. - Mary

LS said...

I agee! & I love the dark wood door with the glass doorknob (my favorite combination) and then all the white around it - and yes I want to see the rest of it too!

Kristin said...

Lisa -- yes! the glass door knob is stunning. I forgot to mention that, but meant to!

pve design said...

In our sleek new bath, I am looking for an old barn ladder. That image is totally me.