November 16, 2010

yum! cookies

I've got a bit of a friend-crush on Clotilde. The more I read her blog, the more I want to be her friend! I imagine how great it would be to pop over at her little flat on a quiet afternoon to talk about our fabulous French lives (in my imagination I'm French) and sip champagne as she whips up delicious nibbles and teaches me how to do the same.

I read Chocolate & Zucchini from cover to cover and have marked nearly every recipe to try. (Perhaps it would have been better to mark the recipes I didn't want.) A few of her recipes have made their way into our regular dinner rotation, and I have yet to meet a simpler, tastier cake than the yogurt cake.

So, knowing how great the others have been, I've simply got to bake these...

(Crisp Hazelnut and Pepper Cookies)

PS -- today is my first day back at work!

1 comment:

sunny said...

How did work go?

and in my imagination? I'm french too. Let's both hang out with Clothilde!