November 9, 2010

design inspiration: welcoming entry

The entry in my house is pretty much non-existent. A little 5x5 box, with the main door on one wall, the garage door on another, a huge glass block window on the third, and a stairway leading up to the main floor on the last wall, there's not much in the way of space to move around, much less to decorate it in a way that says, "welcome, friends! kick off your shoes and stay a while."

This entry, however? Well, I'm already unlacing my sneakers...

All that light pouring in from the door, sidelights and transom is breath-taking. And I've always wanted an entry big enough to fit a center table.

(Image from Canadian House & Home.)


Kifus said...

And wow, that tree does make a statement!

Minnie said...

Ooh, I do really like this entry as well. It calls out to me in a way that a lot of the "fancy" ones just don't. My problem is that my home doesn't have an entry. I open the door and, smack, the living room is right there. I know there are solutions to this dilemma but I haven't yet hit upon the right one yet.