November 18, 2010

i want it now: knitted advent calendar

I know just where I'd hang this...

To count down the days to Christmas!

And yes, I realize it's probably a titch on the early side to be posting about Christmas. BUT it's an advent calendar, so if you wanted to order one, and wanted it here in time for December 1, you have to start thinking about doing so now! So really, I'm just looking out for you and your decorating needs and am not obsessed with the holidays approaching at all. ;-)

(Tiny Packages Advent Calendar from Garnet Hill.)


Anonymous said...

Do you have the pattern for the knitted advent calendar? My sister sent a photo last night...totally adorable!! I would love to make it!!!

Kristin said...

Dear Anne -- I have no idea what the pattern is. I'm not very crafty, unfortunately, and so I probably just have to order it from Garnet Hill. Do let me know if you find it, though!

Or if you make one, send a picture!