August 24, 2010

i want it now: coffee table book

Hi Dolls! I meant all day yesterday to get a little something written, but the hours slipped by with nary a word. Hope you had a lovely Monday, at any rate.

When I was out and about last week, a book tucked up high on a shelf at Anthropologie caught my eye. I scribbled down the title to remember it later and have been thinking about it ever since.

I'd love very much to spend a lazy afternoon curled up on the sofa with this...


mulberry and marie said...

Looks like another good one at Anthro! There's so many great coffee table books there. Speaking of, I love flea market style and vintage style. I hinted about them for my birthday;)

Kristin said...

Hi Megan! So glad you like flea market style! definitely keep dropping the hints -- they are great to add to your collection!