August 26, 2010

10 things: getting to know mackin ink

Yippee! It's another edition of 10 Things, and today we are super lucky to have Karey from Mackin Ink with us. Karey's sparkly personality shines through in her writing as she shares stories about her life as a mom to "girlies three." Her blog was one of the first that I started reading and quickly became a favorite. With writing that is full of heart and honesty, you never know if you'll be brought to tears or laugh out loud. Over the years I feel like I've become quite cozy over at Mackin Ink. And though I've never met her, I am certain Karey is just as genuine and funny and loving in person as she is in her words.

So, without further ado...

The last thing I do before bed: I seriously walk through my house and make sure all the rooms look completely clean, flicking off every single beaded lamp. {I'm a little obsessed with romantic lighting that looks like jewelry.} I love waking up to a fresh home. It makes me feel like I've a head start on winning the next day.

Favorite thing about my house: That we'll probably sell it in a year or so? I kid. It's just that, since we moved back into it after our seven-year overseas adventure, it feels like exactly that: a backwards move. And i'm a forward kind of a girl, you know? Our view is pretty stellar, though.

My signature dish: Guests gush over my fat and chunky capreses and, more embarrassingly, a marshmallow and cream cheese blend served with tart green apples. What can I tell you? I'm genius with two ingredients or less.

Caprese Salad

The best place to be in the fall: In my limited experience, Fall feels best when sweating on a beach in Oman or Jordan, daydreaming of living in a colder climate that actually experiences seasonal changes beyond hot and hotter. Since we've moved back to the Washington D.C. area, I've realized those daydreams of mine were dumb. And while I'm looking forward to day one of "Ooh! Look at that pretty orange-ish red tree!" I'm so dreading the cold and colder that's surely headed my way. I've already bought these boots.

Book I can read again and again: The Secret History by Donna Tartt and anything by Salinger or David Sedaris or Maira Kalman. My attention span lends itself to short stories, I guess.

When I need to unwind: Nothing beats a good sweaty run, followed by a chilled Strongbow in a solid tumbler like these bad boys.

Celebrity crush: Kate Lanphear. From her hair to her don't-mess-with-me style to her editing prowess, she's just brilliant in my book.

Words I live by: More love is always better.

Don't knock a diet consisting entirely of espresso and Sour Patch Kids until you try it.

If I had one do-over:
This might be too heavy, but there was one moment when I could've told my dad exactly how much I'd miss him if he died, plus all the plans I had for my life that he'd never get to see. He was right next to me. We were watching a show on telly about Muhammed Ali. I remember biting my cheeks, tears rolling down my face, and all I wanted to do is beg him to stay. As it was, I just scooted closer to him and held his hand. I'd be braver today. I would.

I could spend the whole day: Trolling 'round the internet. It's genius, don't you think? Instant inspiration, no matter what you need.

I feel my prettiest when: I've just stepped out of the shower, especially if I'm headed to bed straight-away. Shiny, flushed, clean, smelling like a blend of Tom Ford and Bliss Body Butter and CHI Silk Infusion. Also, I feel prettiest when I wear all black. Colors make me Not myself. I'm trying my darndest to incorporate more charcoal and indigo, but it's slow-going, for sure.

It's worth the splurge: Antica Farmacista scents for your home. Forget Febreze. Please.

Karey - thank you so very much for sharing with us. You are an amazing woman, a gifted writer and so obviously meant to be a mother. I feel quite blessed to have "met" you and hope you continue to delight with your dailies. And one more thing... Your dad? He knows.

(Image: Caprese Salad by Alicia Forest on flickr)


karey m. said...

oh dear. your last two sentences just about broke my heart.

thanks for having me, sweet girl! anytime...


Kristin said...

Oh, Karey, I didn't mean to make you sad. :( I hope you know that!

Thank you SO very much again. It was so fun "hanging out" with you!

Dionne said...

I agree with her sentiments on fall entirely. COuldn't have worded it better myself! said...

karey mackin makes this scary world a little less scary dont you think??
so good.
great blog.

Simply Mel said...

karey makes the world glitter and shine ~ j'adore her!

Kifus said...

Thanks for the introduction, Kristin. Off to visit Karey's blog now.