August 20, 2010

happy friday!

Hi Darlings!

(Not Bothering by Letter Happy)

So what's on the docket for your weekend? I'm heading out this afternoon for some bachelorette party fun (yay kari!) that starts with a Cubs game and goes from there. Tomorrow is going to include a trip to the farmer's market (it's been ages since we've been!) and maybe grabbing a bite for lunch. Sunday is more of the same. We've had several busy weekends in a row, and so I'm really looking forward to having nothing to do. Just a lot of family time. Sounds perfect!

Enjoy yours just the same and see you next week!
xo, Kristin


Dionne said...

OOoh I love Farmer's Markets! Enjoy! And have fun at the Bachelorette Party.

A little tidbit - in Australia, we call them Hen's Nights.

Elsa May said...

Genius Winnie the Pooh card! Have a fab weekend - sounds like you've got an idyllic one lined up :)

Kifus said...

When I was a kid I read the book Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin and I loved it! An that is a beautiful quote.

Have a blast during your weekend Kristin!

Sarah said...

We love the farmers market! It is right down the street, so I walk there with my Henry (15 months old) during the summer!

Kristin said...

Dionne - I love that you call it Hen's Night! Just curious... is it just a bachelor party to the guys or do they have a fun name, too?