May 27, 2010

your decorating style: a quiz!

It's official. I'm 'Cozy Casual'.

You see, a few months back, I took a fun quiz in the March issue of Real Simple. (I cannot resist those magazine quizzes!) It was super quick with one page full of different objects -- a Bertoia chair, a potted orchid, a stack of leather-bound books, a cashmere throw to name a few -- and all I had to do was mark those that I was drawn to. No thinking, just quick picks. There were probably about 30 or so items, and each was marked with either an A, B, C, or D. After making my picks, I tallied the letters. And my majority was C: Cozy Casual.

Cozy Casual is... Warm. It's traditional. It's weathered. Laid-back farmhouse style. "Just about any movie by Nancy Meyers." Oh yes. That's me. Most definitely.

Herewith, a few interiors that I think have that Cozy Casual feel...

(1. My Home Ideas)

(2. Design Sponge)

(3. Country Living)

(4. NY Times Style Magazine)

(5. Decorology)

Put 'em all together, do a bit of editing, and together they'd make a fine home, no?

Play along with me! I'd love to know what your style is.


Elsa May said...

Fun - I'm a sophisticated classic - although I managed a few random bohemian choices to keep it interesting :)

Jen said...

If your pictures are cozy casual, I think that's where I'd be at home too! I'd love to live in a house comprised of all these rooms. Gorgeous! Love, love, love.

Dionne said...

I got the same as you! And I thought I would, since I love pretty much everything you post!

mary said...

I'm the same -- cozy casual! :)

Aimee said...

same as surprise!

Minnie said...

yes, sign me up for cozy casual, too! i haven't taken the quiz yet but love all these pics. plus, i think i spent more time ogling the house in "something's gotta give" (with diane keaton) than paying attention to the dialogue.

Marija said...

I will absolutely take this quiz. I love this kind of stuff - I'm a magazine and quiz junkie...for sure. Put the two together and I'm in heaven!

Meg said...

i'm definitely cozy casual too - i knew it as soon as you said the name, and my quiz confirmed it! i love all those cozy, comfy, relaxed rooms. they look like you could just live in them, and that they're full of love. my husband's more of a mix between sophisticated classic and modern graphic, so our decorating takes some very interesting turns at times!