November 18, 2009

a small miracle

Dinner. A well-rounded dinner. With a meat, a potato and a vegetable.

This, my friends, may seem like nothing, a what's-the-big-deal-? to you. But to me? A new mom to nine (going on ten!) week-old twins? Well, this is a miracle. A delicious, nutritious miracle.

I can't believe I actually had the time to make and eat dinner last night. With my husband eating at the same time. At an almost leisurely pace. And we almost finished our whole plates, too, before we were interrupted by Little Man. He wanted to eat too.

It's the little things, you know? ;)

In case you're wondering what's on the plate, we had turkey meatloaf (recipe from the Joy of Cooking, balsamic potatoes (recipe from Everyday Food) and green beans.


Dionne said...

Yum, this looks awesome!

Elsa May said...

Hooray for you - I honestly think it was months before I achieved decent meal! It's looks scrumptious - hope you're enjoying being a Mum (or Mom ;)

MortgageQandAwithAimeeRenkes said...

Yea for you and Wade! Balanced meals eaten hot is quite an achievement!

karey m. said...

well done, you! isn't it funny what time suckers they are?!

simplesong said...

good for you! and i know its not easy....hope you enjoyed it and hope you're enjoying your little one! xx