November 3, 2009

deep thoughts - on a tuesday

To say that I have a lot of time to think these days would be an understatement. I'm awake more hours now than I think I ever have been, and there's nothing like a middle of the night feeding session in a dark, quiet nursery to get your mind a-wandering.

Anyhoo, my latest from last night's wee hours is that there should really be trick-or-treating for grown ups. Think about it... all of us "big kids" can go out house to house and get little glasses of wine and tasty hors de'ouvres as we go. No costumes necessary.

How do we get this ball rolling?


Anonymous said...

i am so in. this year i was so tempted to make some spirited warm cider and offer it to the parents ;)

Dionne said...

Ooooh, sounds like a fun idea! What time of year would this be? ;)

Erin said...

I LOVE it! Can't think of a better way to meet all my neighbors!

Kristin said...

Well, D, perhaps we could do it quarterly? And then we can hit up every season! ;)

Petergaye S. Kisielewicz/ Yahgie said...

I know what you mean about not having a lot of time.
P.S. I think we should do it yearly.

karey m. said...

progressive dinners. without the dinners. just progress. in terms of wine. and happiness.


although next year, you will be posting those two in adorable costumes THAT YOU MADE BY HAND!

{are you giggling? i am.}

Elsa May said...

Count me in! What a brilliant idea.