November 2, 2009

design inspiration: french bedroom

So dreamy...

I am loving this charming French bedroom inspiration found at Marie Claire Maison.

I've always wanted a lovely old armoire for our bedroom, and was reminded again just how much when I spied this photo. Think of all the stuff you could stash in there. It's huge!

The muted tones, shuttered windows and exposed beam ceiling make this rustic bedroom truly remarkable (and unforgettable).


Dionne said...

This is soooo pretty. I would love a room like this!

simplesong said...

gorgeous! would love one of those!

Aimee said...

Love the room, love love love you could us some of that too! Miss ya!

karey m. said...

i gasped. it's not the most beautiful, is it? but,'s romantic.

i have way too many armoires. but i think i never have enough. weird.

{and those little wildebeasts will drive you mad. trust. but if you laugh at them, they'll follow along. and i prefer giggles over grump any day. xoxo and hang in there.}