October 7, 2008

west germany studio pottery

Fat-Lava is a veritable treasure-trove of beautiful pottery! {I wish I could take credit for finding the site, but it was actually my boss who read about it in a magazine.} Anyone looking to start a pottery collection – at prices that those new to collecting can actually afford – should take the time to check it out.

After doing a little reading on the subject, I discovered that the production of West German Studio Pottery was at its height during the 1950’s to 1970’s when the innovation of bright colors, unusual patterns and distinct shapes pushed the boundaries of traditional pottery. The pieces vary so much that I'm sure all of us could find at least one that we love.

Fat-Lava features a large collection of vases – big and small – as well as other decorative objects. The site is divided by factory, but you can also do a specific search. For those of us stateside, the only problem is that prices are quoted in Euros, but I have heard that there are tons of pieces on eBay.

Look for more West German Studio Pottery at Outernational, where prices are quoted in US dollars.

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