October 2, 2008

design inspiration: black & white bliss

Aha! I found another one!

Check out this super sophisticated yet totally liveable foyer. The black casework is so very chic and creates such a lovely background for the furniture and art. Who would have thought that black would be so wonderfully liveable? The cane bench and black and white dresser are total opposites stylistically, but when you put them together in this room they form the perfect union. And it all has to do with the colors. See how you can bring different styles and ideas together so long as there is one unifying element? I also really like how the framed art is casually displayed along the molding.

I told you I was digging black and white lately!

(This image was also lovingly torn from an older issue of Elle Decor. I apologize that I don't know which or who to credit.)

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