November 7, 2007

This is my blog. Thanks for stopping by...

Just like the title says, this blog is about the things -- big and small -- that inspire me and bring me joy. These things remind me just how wonderful this life really is. There is so much beauty out there, if we only stop for a moment to consider it.

Mostly I'll be on the lookout for creative sorts who have something wonderful to offer -- be it a mouthwatering recipe, a handknit scarf, or a captivating photo -- and then I'll use this blog as a way to applaud that talent.

I also like nothing better than to page through shelter magazines and online design galleries, absorbing each and every detail of the well-designed rooms, and so I'll most certainly be showing you all the rooms and homes that inspire me.

I'm hoping that along the way you'll get to know me a little better.

... and that you'll want to stay a while!

xo, kristin

1 comment:

Kifus said...

Ahh Kristin, I love going to the very first post of blogs and then see whether the style has changed over the years or not.

I see from the post above that you read and liked Julia Child's book way before they made the movie! It usually is the other way round for me!