November 21, 2007

recipe to try: chocolate layer cake

I may as well just fess up now. I am a huge sweets lover. I am hopelessly devoted to cakes and cookies, pies and tarts, ice cream and chocolates, and cupcakes! I'd like to blame it on my genes and the long line of sweets-aficionados in my family or that I grew up in a household where dessert followed every meal. Whatever the reason, I love to eat desserts - always have.

And as a result, I have really grown to love baking. (what better way to get those sweet treats than to make them myself?) I don't think a day goes by - and I am not exaggerating here - that I don't check online at least once for a new dessert recipe. You can imagine my glee when I spied the recipe for this deliciously rich chocolate layer cake posted on Just Baking (one of my FAVE sites!), and originally posted on Epicurious. Just look at the picture of that cake! Drool. This recipe is a must-make!

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