September 13, 2011

welcome fall

It happens every year. The mercury stops its climb at 70 degrees, and before I know it, I’m daydreaming of afternoons spent at apple orchards and eating homemade pumpkin bread just out of the oven. I wake up with a renewed energy to head out for my morning run – because there really is no better run than the kind where the grass is wet with dew, and the air is chilly enough that I’ll leave my long-sleeved tee on the whole time – and I have the urge to listen to Ella and Bing again.

What ratchets this year’s fall season up a bit higher on the ‘special’ scale is that I get to spend it with my newly two-year olds who are busily learning every new thing there is to know about their world. What a magical time of year for them! Things are changing. Leaves are falling, geese are honking up above, and Mommy’s busy baking tasty treats again. This fall will mark the first time they run through a leaf pile and pick their own pumpkins at a patch; this fall they get to taste how delicious hot cocoa is after playing outside on a chilly afternoon.

It's the simple things that make me so happy, and I can't wait to share these special first moments with them.

Welcome fall!


Mary said...

Oh, it's so true. Fall in New England has always been my favorite, but appreciating the fun of the season through your children's eyes is an entirely different experience. Jack o'lanterns, apple picking and baking pies, jumping in leaf piles, and marveling at the colors of the changing leaves... It's all so so good. Hope yours is a great one!

LS said...

So well said! I love this and love watching kids enjoy fall. Pumpkin picking, apple picking, baking, decorating - everything!!! Enjoy every moment!