September 15, 2011

spotlight: BHLDN

Somebody better stop me before I go off the BHLDN deep end.

They have everything you need to make a wedding or celebration special - plates, stationary, and things you never even knew you needed...

I could get lost in here for days, and I'm not even planning a wedding!

(Also straws, pedestals, and pitchers.)

PS - I am so excited for Dionne and her new job with BHLDN - I know she's going to do an amazing job!


Kifus said...

Lovely for a wedding, love those white plates!

Hope Henry and Amelia had a wonderful second birthday on the 11th!

A great weekend to you, Kristin!

Dionne said...

Awww.. you're so sweet. I love it too! I am constantly coming home with their stuff, LOL!

LORENA said...

Isn't this such a great line? I love it and I'm not even near interested in marriage right now, lol, i just think it's speaks to all manners of femininity and beauty..what girl doesn't enjoy that :-)