January 20, 2011

decor idea: terrarium

Aren't terrariums cool? Little gardens growing beneath a glass dome. What a great way to add a fresh breath to your house -- especially during the dark days of winter. This example, with moss overflowing from the edges, is gorgeous...

I'd love to grow my own terrarium garden, but I'm not exactly sure how to begin. And this might sound like a dumb question, but how do the plants stay alive in there? Would I have to periodically take the top off so they can get some fresh air? Or does that defeat the whole purpose? I'm going to need to do some research. Any know-how you can share on the subject is much appreciated!

(Cloche available at Terrain.)


mulberry and marie said...

Hey Kristin! It's been awhile since I've been in blog land and I sure did miss your postings!
I love terrariums. In fact, have you heard of this artist in San Fran that blows the glass and designs her terrariums around it? They are so beautiful.

Elsa May said...

To be honest I've wondered about whether one needs to remove the lid from time to time.... Hmmm I think a google search is looming. Hope your week has gone well and you have a fun (and relaxing) weekend planned. Best, Annie

Dionne said...

How cute. I've never had one, but think they are soooo lovely.