July 14, 2009

design inspiration: laura resen interiors photography

I can't get enough of the beautiful interior shots by photographer Laura Resen.

Such wonderful eye candy in each and every one...

(This living room looks cool yet cozy, well designed yet lived in. I'm loving the stacks of books on the cabinet and the way the art is hung sort of randomly - though I'm sure lots of thought went into it. And of course, how can I resist white floors?)

(Hello lovely! The planked wood ceiling and old farmhouse style furniture beckons you sit down and stay a while. How wonderful is that ceiling pendant?)

(Dreamy and breezy, this bedroom sitting area epitomizes casual comfort. That slipcovered wing chair looks so cozy to curl up in with a good book, and the big leafy print on the ottomans is fantastic-ly unexpected.)

(Ok, this might seem a little odd to some to highlight as an interiors shot since a) it's outside and b) there's really not much interior to be seen at all, but what I'm really liking and totally inspired to copy is the use of butterfly chairs on the porch. They're lightweight, comfy and stow away in a pinch. Why didn't I think of this for our deck furniture?)

I have no idea who styled these shots or designed these rooms, but he/she/they certainly deserve a big pat on the back.

Once again, via Mary Ruffle. She really finds the most amazing inspiration, no?


Dionne said...

This white is all so calming and graceful. I love it. I would want to stay home all day!

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

so charming. everything seems simple and clean!

mary said...

OK, I am showing my husband the shot of the dining room with the white pendant light...I am dying to put something similar over our farm table. Our house is really old, probably about the same age as the one in the photo, and he's convinced it won't "look right". Love it!

Kristin said...

Hi Mary! So glad you have a picture to help your cause! Why is it we have to convince the hubbies of good design ideas?

Minnie said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and I'm really liking your finds. The first photo here caught my eye and had me laughing because I have six (!!) stacks of books like this on a cabinet, except no thought went into my placement. I simply had no place else to put them. I have a horrible book addiction and all my bookcases are filled up.

Congrats on the twins. My littlest one is two so I find myself drooling over ALL babies and baby photos so I'll definitely have to come back for more of your finds and wait for your babies to arrive!

Kristin said...

Hi Minnie! Thanks so much for visiting and your nice comments. I'd love to see a picture of your cabinet and books -- since books are definitely one of my favorite design elements.

Off to check out your blog! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Kristin, I love your work, you really have an eye for design. You've got some really good ideas as far as furniture placement and use of color!