July 21, 2009

design inspiration: gray & white kitchen

Some people might look at this and say, 'gray and white? boring boring boring.'
But I look at it and say, 'ahhh... perfection.'

(Kitchen on Delikatissen)

I simply must someday live in a house that I can put beadboard in so that I too can have a lovely, understated kitchen like this.

I found my way over to Delikatissen from none other than Mary. What would I do without her?


Dionne said...

I love this! I would add a tiny pop of color - maybe some blue glass milk bottles, or something like that.

Delikatissen said...

Thanks so much for mentioning me Kristin, you are so nice!

Best wishes from Spain

Michelle said...

I adore white kitchens too! The wooden counter is such a nice touch.

simplesong said...

not boring at all! i agree .. perfection!

[LA] said...


i love this style


Haven and Home said...

I want beadboard too, definitely on my list!

mary said...

Oh, yay! :) I love Delikatissen.