January 30, 2009

design inspiration: parisian kitchen

That's it. I'm signing up for those French classes now.

I cannot wait any longer to cross the pond and see some of the beautiful French interiors that have been inspiring me for years. Like this tiny, crowded kitchen - its walls adorned with lovely objects and a bright yellow window that casts a warm glow over the room.

I especially dig that chocolat clock.

The kitchen of Eric Bergere, p. 64 of Paris Interiors from Taschen Books.


Emily said...

i might just need to print out this picture and use it for daily inspiration. have a fabulous weekend! xo

Kristin said...

Hi Emily - you should check out the whole book. page after page of amazing interiors, each one more inspiring than the next!
you have a lovely weekend too!
xo kristin

Megan said...

I love this!