December 6, 2007

practice makes perfect

I've never been much of a writer. For some reason I've always struggled with getting my thoughts out on paper. My brain freezes. I stare at the intimidating blank page searching for the right words to say, and it just stares back. And then I give up and move on to something I can do - like napping. I think that might be why I admire all the writers out there who can do it - from the novelists who fuel my imagination with their thick plots to the bloggers who entertain me with their daily musings.

Lately, though, I have really wanted to go beyond just appreciating other people's writing to actually really trying it. I guess that's one of the reasons I started this blog - so I could talk about all the things I love and also practice this art form (so much practice!). I have to admit, that it's not so scary anymore. I'm actually growing to like it. And I'm finding myself scribbling down notes here and there on whatever "paper" I have handy - gum wrappers, kleenex, the back of my hand.

Which brings me to the point of this post: I need a journal. A beautiful bound journal (full of those not-so-scary blank pages) to collect my random thoughts. And what a beauty this journal is! I sure hope I find it (or something like it) under my tree this year!

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