December 15, 2011

holiday gifting: guys

Only 10 shopping days left! Some gift ideas for the guys on your lists...

(down sweater)

(Clockwise from left: mug; salts; book; sneakers; bag)

(wooden alarm clock)


(Clockwise from top left: watch; tie; socks; card holder)

(flannel shirt)

Tell me -- are you done with your shopping already? I'm about 80% there. Just looking for a few more things to wrap up my list for the year. Phew... it's exhausting!

xo, Kristin


Mary said...

Well I was done, but then my in-laws decided they wanted to choose names and exchange gifts this year! Jeesh. So I now have one more person left...

cheap prom dresses said...

oh so pretty! it's one of my life dreams to have a little cabin in the woods. this one would fit the bill nicely :)

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