August 11, 2011

spotlight: farmaesthetics

I've read about Farmaesthetics online. The farm-grown, organic skincare products have gotten a lot of buzz lately. I never knew there was a shop, though, until we started on our run down Bellevue Avenue in Newport last Saturday. There it was just across the street from our hotel. I popped in on Sunday morning, and the apothecary boutique was every bit as charming as I would have imagined.

Every inch of the small space was considered - from the black-and-white striped awning on the storefront to the antique mantle at the fireplace. There was one whole wall of glass-front cabinets holding rows of glass bottles and stacks of tins. No detail was overlooked, and the result was a crisp, quiet space with a very old-world feel.

Listening to jazzy tunes in the background, I could have spent the entire morning perusing the lotions and potions. (And probably would have if Wade wasn't with me.)

I wasn't able to get all the things I would have liked (darn those carry-on rules!), but I still came away with a few goodies and a handful of samples the sales girl graciously threw in.

Next time? I am so signing up for a facial.

(Farmaesthetics Apothecary 144 Bellevue Ave Newport, RI)

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pve design said...

I just used my last drop of "Naturopathic" skin cleanser.
Off to have a looksie. Thanks for sharing.