July 8, 2010

10 things: getting to know inspiring interiors

If you've got a few, head over to Inspiring Interiors. I pinky-swear... you will not be disappointed. Kifus scouts the web and shares her delightful finds with us. Amazing house tours and gorgeous interiors shots, the design ideas abound. And she really covers every style... from a modern urban loft to a country-chic cabin to a grand old-world villa, it's a design showcase all wrapped up in one neat little blog.

My only warning... be sure to give yourself plenty of time to peruse. Because if you're like me, you'll intend to sit down a do a quick scan, only to find yourself 45 minutes later still swooning.

Now, on to Kifus' 10 Things...

The last thing I do before bed: Watch cartoons with my hubby.

Favorite thing about my house: The house itself, it's really old and gorgeous. And I have to add the windmill in our garden.

The best place to be in the spring: Paris, with hubby and daughter.

My signature dish: Lemon cheesecake. They like it so much at home that I make it twice a week.

When I need to unwind: I get into bed with a hot water bottle (my feet are always cold!) and read a book.

Celebrity crush: Johnny Precious Depp.

On Sunday mornings you'll find me: Blogging!

I could spend the whole day: Surfing the net and playing computer games (shh, don't tell my kids!)

I feel my prettiest when: I don't know why but it is when I'm driving!

It's worth the splurge: Fresh flowers. Not so much of a splurge but I make a point of buying them almost every week. Nothing makes your rooms look more appealing and welcoming than flowers.

(Photos from here and here.)

Kifus -- keep up the amazing work! You continue to razzle and dazzle with the great house tours and photos you post. And thanks to Inspiring Interiors, I've a file full of ideas for my next house! Also, do you think you might want to share that cheesecake recipe with us? I can't stop thinking about it... That, and Johnny Depp. ;)

1 comment:

Kifus said...

Thanks so much Kristin for this post, you are a darling!

As soon as I can I'll mail you the cheesecake recipe, it's really very easy!

Thanks once again and hope you have a beautiful weekend with your hubby and the twins.