April 16, 2009

spotlight: weeds & wild things

Hello, wee little village.
I'd like to take you home with me.

(Shelf City by Weeds and Wild Things on Etsy)


Dionne said...

What is it about tiny little things? I love anything mini. Anything small. Is it to do with our nurturing, motherly side - we want to take care of it? Or is it to do with control? Or is it just because it's too darn cute?!

Hmmmm... too much thinking for a Thursday morning.

These tiny houses are adorable.

Kristin said...

I think it's that they're too darn cute!

mary said...

I love these, too. Anything tiny just kills me. (In a good way!)

Milan said...

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I see we have a similar blog list.. have you seen http://blog.piajanebijkerk.com/ ? I absolutely adore her. AND she lives on a houseboat.

happy blogging,

carina said...

oh goodness, yes to this miniature village!