February 18, 2009

tinctory shop on etsy

La la love this.

Made to look like unglazed porcelain, this necklace is actually made from off-white silk smocked with white cotton thread. I think it would look so lovely over a simple black tee. Or ooh! wouldn't it look great on some nice summery-tanned skin with just a tank-top? (seriously day-dreaming of summer...)

Unglazed from Tinctory.


CHIC Sensibility... said...

I love this. The whimsical design is so cute.

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

so pretty and whimsical...i'd wear it with a classic LBD.

Dionne said...

I would soooo love this with a tank top and capri pants with some off-white heels.

Joslyn said...

oh this is incredibly pretty + interesting...love it.

Dennise said...

Beautiful! I love your blog by the way, I just discovered it and I'm hooked! Yay for Chicago! xo

Anonymous said...

Um, yes please! I'm ALL over these awesome textile necklaces lately---and you're so right that all you'd need is a tan and a tank! I'm feeling you on the summer dreams lately too :)