December 13, 2008

bedding love: cosmina & cirrus bedding from anthropologie


A ruffly, fluffy duvet and shams in a gorgeous steely silver color topped with a quilt swirling with paisleys of dark gray. The tones remind me of wintry days at nightfall when the gray sky casts its dusky shadows over the city.

This is some serious bed-love. {And actually, if I'm being honest... I'm smitten with this whole darn room - the tree wallcover, the drapes, the chair, the pendant. Oh if I could only have them all...}

Cosmina Quilt & Sham * Cirrus Duvet & Sham
{from Anthropologie}


karey m. said...

good god! where have i been?!?!

beautiful. {especially that dress way down below! perfect for the are right.}

Anonymous said...

that is gorgeous! it looks just plain dreamy against that wallpaper. this is precisely why i heart anthro.

Gigi said...

gorgeous bedding! Happy holidays.

Anonymous said...

My room looks pretty close to that one and all I need is the hanging light in the corner. Know where to find one REALLY similar?

Anonymous said...

is the throw blanket the black one with gray anthro too?!?!?! i need it please im trying to redo my room and i need that throw blanket!! im gunna get the hole bedding set please anyone know?